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Information about travell to and rooms in Ulrichs­berg.

Ulrichsberg is a little village in the north of Austria, very close to Germany and Czechia. Bigger cities around are Linz and Passau, both approxi­mately one "car-hour" away, or seen from a farer view­point, Ulrichs­berg is between Vienna and Munich, both approxi­mately 3 "car-hours" away. Jazzateliers own house is located at the northern side of Ulrichs­berg. Adress: Bader­gasse 2, 4161 Ulrichs­berg.

Travell by car:

Detailled travell­route from Google-Maps or OpenStreetMap.

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Travell by public transportation:

To reach Ulrichs­berg by public travell is possible, but needs care­ful planning as there is a) no train­station here and b) not very much busses are going to Ulrichs­berg. Follow­ing some infor­mations which hopefully will be useful:

Phoneinformation for busses & trains:

Website for busses/trains:

Rooms and Roomreservations:

In any case you also can always contact us direct - we will try our best to help you. For Phone- and eMail­details please use the "Contact"-Link below.

Badergasse 2, A-4161 Ulrichsberg. Tel: 0043 7288 6301 / eMail: afischer@jazzatelier.at / Web: www.jazzatelier.at